Accommodation in the hostel is a privilege being provided by the KIT and not a matter of right. As the accommodation in the hostel is limited, The KIT authorities may refuse accommodation to the applicants.


  1. Only regular students of KIT will be eligible for hostel admission.
  2. Students seeking admission in the hostel should apply for a seat to
  3. The Admin Officer through the head of department. Admission to the hostel will be subject to the approval of the Principal. Application is to be submitted on prescribed from which can be obtained from the office.
  4. Rooms/Beds will be allotted keeping in view the technology year of studies.
  5. After admission to hostel the students shall come under the disciplinary supervision of hostel management.
  6. The hostel management have the right to refuse admission to a student whose past record in the hostel is not satisfactory.


  1. Hostel shall have a team a team of monitors appointed by the Admin Officer on the recommendation of the warden.
  2. Residents shall abide by the hostel rules and regulations.
  3. The warden in consultation with the Admin Officer will deal with all cases of in-discipline or breach of regulations and orders relating to the hostel affairs. The warden may impose a fine subject to the approval of the Admin Officer.
  4. Residents shall keep their rooms clean. They shall bring complaint if any to the notice of the Warden or the Admin Officer.
  5. Residents shall not be allowed to keep any arms and explosive/combustible material with them. If found the individual will be expelled from hostel and institute.
  6. Students are not permitted to keep valuable items such as transistors, electric appliances, TV, Camera, Musical instruments etc with them.
  7. No student will take any action which directly or indirectly interface with the normal functioning of institute. Any willful ct to damage the reputation of the institute by any student would render him to be expelled from instate.
  8. No student will use violence, threats or intimidation and will not engage in fight with any other student of the Institute. Defaulters will be withdrawn from the course/institute.
  9. Disrespect or rude behavior towards any member of the staff by a student shall be deemed as a serious offence and will be dealt with accordingly.
  10. All safety/security instructions laid down by KIT are to be adhered to by all students in true letter and spirit.

Smoking and possession of narcotics/intoxicating material in hostel is strictly prohibited. Any student involved in these activities will be expelled from the institute.