Every student must observe following code of conduct:-

  1. Every person’s beliefs are his / her private affair and all students must respect the conviction of others in matters of religion and customs.
  2. he / She must be loyal to his / her country and refrain from doing any thing, which might lower its honor and prestige.
  3. He / She must keep clear in body and mind and stand by for clear speech, clear thinking and clear habits.
  4. He / She must devote him / herself faithfully to his / her studies.
  5. He / She must observe thrift and avoid wasteful destruction and damage of Institute’s property.
  6. He / She must cooperate and behave nicely with fellow students and pay due respect to faculty / staff.


  1. Smoke in the premises of Institute and Hostel.
  2. Consume liquor or any intoxicating drugs.
  3. Organize or take part in any function, organize any club or society of students except in accordance with the permission of Principal KIT.
  4. Collect any money or donations of monetary assistance for or on behalf of the Institute.
  5. Stage, incite or participate in any walkout strike or other form of agitation against the teachers, staff and the Institute.
  6. Indulge any activity showing moral turpitude.
  7. Bring any weapon (licensed) in the Institute.
  8. Violate the rules of hostel.